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Keeping Safety Costs Down

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Even though workplace safety is a mandatory requirement – that is you must do it by law, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

By using a membership system, EasyOHS can service a large number of clients through a networked approach. 

Normally if you had a safety consultant come in, they would charge by the day or hour.  The rates are usually around $100 per hour or $700 per day.  Now that is expensive and can put many businesses off doing anything. 

The key to keeping the cost down is to have a system that you work through and build step by step.  Focus on the high risk items before moving onto the low risk ones.
What do we mean by focus on the high risks?
If you had a budget of $1000 a year, where would you spend your money?

  1. Replacing a broken guard on an industrial guillotine that is used everyday in your workplace by five different employees.
  2. Hiring a professional manual handling trainer for two of your worker’s who unload small boxes every day.  

The answer to this question should be 1.  The reason?  Well the risk of someone having an amputation from the broken guard outweighs the risk of someone injuring their back unloading boxes.  In addition you need to remember, that if someone injured their back your Worker’s compensation insurance would cover the injury. 

If someone had a hand severed due to inadequate guarding you would more than likely be prosecuted in court and be exposed to a potential large fine, on top of the moral and reputational damage as a result of such a serious incident. 

It is important to remember that as a member of EasyOHS you can get additional advice (within limitations of course) at no extra charge and can also seek advice on the EasyOHS blog. 

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