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Is Your Workplace Safe - Setting Up a Risk Register

Monday, May 04, 2009

Workplace safety requirements in nearly all jurisdictions require evidence of 'Risk Management'.  So what is risk management?  Where do you start?  How do you show compliance?  Do you need to consult with your employees?

We tend to overcomplicate risk management.  In reality as an employer you need to think about risk management (in terms of workplace safety) in practical terms. 

So ask youself this question:

What are the threats to the health, safety and welfare of people associated with your business or organisation?

Then follow these steps:

Step 1:  List the common activities your business or organisation does.  For example here is a builders list:

  • Site assessments
  • Excavation work
  • Frame fabrication and erection
  • Loading and unloading equipment (from trucks)
  • Roofing (working at heights)

Step 2:  What are the work areas you work in (fixed and changing)

  • Construction site

 - Mobile machinery
 - Working at heights
 - Open holes and pits
 - Manual Handling
 - Asbestos (demolition work)
 - Noise
 - Slips, trips, falls
 - etc....  

  • Workshop

 - Chemicals
 - Slips, trips, falls

Now consult with staff about the risks of mobile machinery on the construction site and work out what controls, assess the risk level (what could happen and how often is someone exposed).

For example:

     Hazard: Mobile Machinery on construction site
          Risk: Person struck or crushed by machine
Risk Level: High
   Controls: High visibility clothing, Site induction, Barricading, Spotters, Licenced operators,
                   Reversing alarms on equipment 


Now load these into the EasyOHS risk register and work through what the risk is with each of these hazards and make sure the controls are in place.

Remember it is vital that you have:

    • Controls in place
    • Procedures in place
    • Staff understand the procedures and controls
    • You regularly review the controls to ensure they are effective

      Take care until next time....

      Senior Advisor


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