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Cost of Workplace Accidents

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A detailed study of workplace accidents reveals the following statistics, the average cost (to the employer only) for all types of accidents (combined average) is $2470. 

But if the whole statistics are looked at it is a much higher figure for the true cost of workplace accidents and industrial illness. 

The actual average cost to employers, workers and community costs of various types of accidents and work related illness (from minor to fatility) is $112,550. (NOHSC Australia 2004)

This does not take into account lost production, flow on impacts for the family unit and other hidden costs.  

Global Fatalities

In addition the following estimates by the United Nations International Labour Organsiation are truely shocking.

- As Many as 5000 people die every day (globally) from work related incidents and disease (2.3million per year)

- Many countries do not report workplace deaths and work related illnesses causing deaths.  For example in India they reported 222 fatal accidents during one study, however external estimates indicate the figure was closer to 40,000.  China in one study reported 12,554 deaths, but the actual toll was closer to 90,000 deaths.

Jukka Takala the director of the ILO's Safework Program stated, "The sad truth is that in some parts of the world, many workers will probably die for lack of an adequate safety culture."


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